Richard is the proverbial power pop professor. His profound knowledge of the genre is indubitably picture perfect. The Powerpopster has a particularly large collection of power pop collectables. Here we are proud to provide you with the perfectly extensive array of Richards proficiency so that you may pick power pop to play that is presentable to your pallette.

Peter Percival Patterson




The Vandalias   "Buzzbomb!"  (Big Deal 1998)  Used CD $7.75
Imagine a bubblegum powerpoppin’ cartoon taking on the personas of the Raspberries and early Cheap Trick  with a measure of the Sweet thrown in too.  The Vandalias song  “The End of The World” surpasses R.E.M.’s  “It’s the End of the Wold as We Know It (and I Feel Fine’), their  “Big Red Catalina” leaves Prince’s  “Little Red Corvette” in the dust, their  “Down” beats the Beatles’ “I’m Down” and their “Buzzbomb!” even beats the Gap Band’s “You Dropped a Bomb On Me”.  Don’t let this powerhouse of power pop get away from you.  (Big Deal is a sadly departed label!), which translates  (Out Of Print) CD.  For some “Very Recommended Fun” in your life


The Gladhands   "LA DI DA"  (Big Deal 1997)   Used CD $7.75
A stellar though overlooked 1997 album from the Chapel Hill, N.C. guys that goes for the powerpop jugular.    Very tuneful originals, catchy melodies, smart lyrics and solid production.  Fuzzy guitars, keyboards, bass and drums with all three guys singing harmony rich sounds that pay homage to icons of pop/rock: the Beatles, the Beach Boys, XTC, Todd Rundgren of the Nazz, yet retaining their own originality.  Very Highly Recommended pure pop bands of the decade. 


The Bigger Lovers   "Honey In The Hive"  (Yep Rock 2002)   Used CD $7.75
These guys hail from Philly giving us eleven achingly bittersweet songs and tightly wound harmonies on their second drop-dead gorgeous album.  Always Very Recommended along with their debut “How I Learned to Stop Worrying”.


The Action   “Rolled Gold”  (Reaction 2002)    New CD (out of stock)
An amazing step back into time, the mid 60’s.  Their music is melodic mayhem, reminiscent of the early Who or The Creation, talented, creative and totally of the times.  Just listen to them and they too can be of this time today.  A mod band made up of genuine mods. Transcending the psychedelic tag with a spirit of abandon sadly missed from most of today’s music.  Slip under the commercial radar, you will be glad you did! Amazing sixties pop group and a timeless masterpiece of melodic, guitar driven rock’n’roll.  Manna from heaven.


Blessed Light   “For Love And Preservation” (MadeInMexico 2000)    New CD EP $9.75
“Excellent songwriting mining the 60s/70s aesthetic.  Sleepy/druggy soft-pop/folk-rock awash in harmonies.  Ala Lennon/Harrison/Badfinger/Humble Pie…  My fav song is “Feelin’ “ a great narcotic pop tune which is a should be classic, “Trippin’ on the sidewalks downtown” could be a cover of some forgotten Velvet Underground  ballad or Mott The Hoople B-side.”  Miraculously beautiful six-song EP.   A Highly Recommended EP.  More later on the new full-length.


Telepathic Butterflies    “Telepathic Butterflies” (Rainbow Quartz 2002)    New CD $15.75
“…equal parts jangle, psychedelia, melody and harmony. Not to be missed from a not to be missed record label! Against a backdrop of rhythmic guitars, moving bass lines and frenetic drums are tuneful melodies and harmonies that will have you humming long after the CD is put away.  Hailing from Canada, this band gives a nod to 60's Brit Pop & Psychedelia, much to their advantage.  Fans of Myracle
Brah and Cotton Mather should enjoy also.


The Shazam   “Tomorrow The World”  (Not Lame 2003)   New CD $12.75
“Archetypal, balls out rock with massive hooks, high energy kicks, flash, arena-ready anthems, unforgettable hooks and catchy fist-pumpers.”  Equal inspiration of The Who and The Move.  Here for your listening pleasure in all the power of pop glory that is -“The Shazam”.  


The Deal   “Goodbye September”  (Not Lame 2003)   Used CD (OUT OF STOCK)
A must hear for all the most passionate power pop fans.  Thanks to Not Lame Archives for unearthing a band for fans of classic Raspberries, The Shoes, The Producers, Hawks and Fools Face.  This material is from the early- mid 80’s. A 15 track collection of demos and lost studio trax, one of a sugar pop fans’ dreams. 

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