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Q. "How much is shipping for Nitty Gritty supplies?"

A. This varies according to your location. We need your zip code to determine this cost.



FIRSTrv (vinyl


  FIRSTrv is a liquid that is applied with an applicator and then followed with a wet/dry vacuum cleaning. FIRSTrv will remove mold-release componds and fingerprints, as well as reduce stylus friction and/or poor tracking.   $25.00


Model 1.0   1/4 H.P. vacuum. Applying the fluid and turn the record manually   $340.00
Record Master 1   Like Model 1 above but features a adjustable vacuum slot that maximizes suction on 7, 10 or 12" records   $370.00
Model 1.5   Apply the fluid manually, motor rotates record - turn over and repeat on other side   $560.00
Model 1.5FI   Wet scrub vacuum removal. Powerful built in vacuum. Automatically rotates 12" records. Pump action fluid applicator. Includes 16 0z. LP fluid.   $670.00
Mini-Pro 1   Wet scrub vacuum removal. Cleans both sides simultaneously. Pump action fluid applicator. Automatically rotates 12" records. Includes 16 Oz. LP fluid.   $925.00
Oak Cabinet
    Optional Oak cabinet. Beautifully sculptured and mitered joints. Lacquer finish. Must be specified when ordering machine. For any Unit above   +65.00
45 RPM Disc Adapter     For Semi-manual, Semi Auto Units above   +38.95
3-Way Adapter Kit     Movable Spindle for 7"-10"-12" Discs - For use on all units with auto rotation above   +59.95
VAC-Sweep Kit (M)     Kit of 4 replacement velvet strips on the Nitty Gritty vacuum slot. Models w/o Fluid Injection   $18.50  
VAC-Sweep Replacement Kit (FI)     Kit of 4 replacement velvet strips on the Nitty Gritty vacuum slot. For All Fluid Injection Models   $18.50 OUT
Record Cleaning Brush     Original velvet applicator brush. This is the fluid applicator brush supplied with Model 1 and Record Master.   $16.95  
Bristle brush     Brush for LP and 78 RPM.   $22.95  
Record Turner     For manual rotation of disc   $18.95 ORDER
Spindle Repl Kit     2 Spindles, drill bit and glue   $18.50 ORDER
Capstan Repl Kit     4 Capstans and glue   $18.50  
Vinyl dust covers     For non "FI" machines. DC-1 $22.95
      For "FI" machines DC-1L $25.95
Acrylic dust covers   For non "FI" machines. DC-2 $59.95
      For "FI" machines. DC-2L $66.95
Record Cleaning Solutions

(Purifier 1 & 2)

    Non alcohol based fluid for 78 RPM records. PURE 1 16 OZ 78 $18.50 (Out of Stock)
    PURE 1 64 OZ 78 $43.50
    PURE 1 128 OZ 78 $69.95
  High performance LP and 45 fluid. Very low alcohol content. PURE 2 16 0Z VINYL $18.50 (Out of Stock
    PURE 2 64 OZ VINYL $43.50 (Out of Stock)
    PURE 2 128 OZ VINYL $69.95 (Out of Stock)