Windy - Circle Sky Mannequin Helper

  Windy’s Desert Island Discs

My last job, before Circle Sky, was in a boutique window which was directly across the street from a television / appliance store. They had several televisions in their window, so I was able to watch "Gilligan’s Island" for years. This has made me some what of an expert on desert island existence and I will now share my essential musical necessities if I were to become stranded with the seven stranded castaways.

Lionel Richie – "Can’t Slow Down" (LP) A copy of this album is quite useful on a remote island. It can be broken into small shards that make excellent cutting tools.

Don Henley – "Boys of Summer" (7" 45) When Gilligan serves cocktails, in those cute coconut cups with the little umbrellas, to the Howells and me, this record makes a perfect coaster.

Alice Cooper – "Schools Out" (LP) The original album comes packaged with a fresh pair of panties, a must have for any girl stranded on a desert island.

Phil Collins – "No Jacket Required" (LP) As you will need a way to tell time on the island, this record can be removed from its jacket and rigged up with a triangular piece of bamboo to make a fully functional sun dial. At least until it warps beyond recognition.

Mariah Carey – "Honey" (CD) When the natives from the neighboring island attack, this can be played at full volume to frighten them away.

The Police – "Every Breath You Take" (7" 45, lots of copies) When I go skeet shooting with Mr. Howell, these records, due to their aerodynamic design, size, and amazing amount of copies pressed, make excellent targets. I just hope we don’t run out of shells before records.

Bobby Gentry – "Ode to Billy Joe" (7" 45) This is for the professor. As he will need something to study, I want him to analyze the lyrics so someone can finally tell me who was throwing what off the bridge.

"VH1 Divas Live" (CD) This is for the first- aid kit. In the event of a castaway ingesting poisonous berries, this disc can be played to induce vomiting.

Chicago – "Chicago IV, Live at Carnegie Hall" (LP) This album is lavishly packaged with a box, eight LP sides, a bunch of inner sleeves, a giant poster and a thick book, enough material in fact to make an excellent raft and sail the castaways off the island.

The Monkees – Head (LP) The Monkees are groovy, even if their show did run opposite the castaway’s on another network. Not only does this album have the wonderful "Circle Sky" namesake, its highly reflective Mylar cover can be used to signal airplanes and navy ships and have us rescued!

Love & Kisses, Windy