The Return Of ORANGE HAT

   Radio Flier Studios, Doraville   By    Donnie Thompson


  This four-band show took place in the studio of show host, Lee Flier which supplied a great casual atmosphere for the show billed as “The Power Pop Party Of  The Century”.

  The music kicked off with Casper & The Cookies. Fronted by Jason NeSmith and Kay Stanton, The Cookies re-created sounds from the Casper Fangdango CD “Hows Your Hand” They also played three brand new songs as a sneak preview of their next release. Their flavor of rock is pop, but with a strong dose of self-effacing humor that gives the music an off-the-wall irreverent twist rather than straight forward rock.

  The straight forward rock was supplied next by What The…?, a three piece band that plays classic British invasion style tunes. Highlights of their set included the original “Innocence Found” and cool covers of The Who’s “Run Run Run” and The Yardbirds “Over Under Sideways Down”. It was great to hear that classic riff ringing out of the amplifiers. Guitarist Lee Flier is amazing on her ’52 Les Paul and she makes playing look as easy as tying a shoe lace. After A hyper version of Elvis Costello’s “Lipstick Vougue”, What The…? made way for Orange Hat.

  Having not played in over eighteen months Orange Hat won the “anticipation moment” of the evening. They opened with their newest song “I’m Not A Hippy” and then continued on with songs from their CD “Pufferfish” and  their earlier cassette release “Pterodactyl Universe”. Any fears of  The Hat being rusty were eradicated and by the end of the second song the audience were on their feet (although the size of the studio and the number of people made that a necessity anyway). The wonderful Squeeze-like power popper “Anne” had everyone dancing and singing along, and during “Looking At The Robot” the audience witnessed drummer Jason’s “nipple dance”.  Keyboardist Kenny Howes also gave a demonstration of how to fix a stuck key on his Vox Continental. After their set, among yells for “Squidhead Farmplow” and “Humpty Dumpty” The Hat returned to the stage and played an encore of their old staple “Girlfriend X”.

  The Final set of the evening was supplied by the Move/Cheap Trick inspired sounds of Kenny Howes  who played songs from all four of his albums including an audience request for “The Right Idea” He then closed the show with a medley of sorts of  Kinks and Monkees covers. A groovy time was had by all.

Orange Hat performing at Radio Flier Studios (12/15/2002) Photo by Doyle Tatum


Orange Hat Music & Video Available at Circle Sky Records (770) 491-2100