New 45 Reviews

Mystic Eyes

"I Canít Wait to Love You"/ "Taste of the Same"

(Get Hip)

The a- side is great twelve string guitar power- pop, reminiscent of The Searchers. The b- side is a little tougher, with some attitude, and sounds like something The Plimsouls might have recorded for their first album. The record comes pressed on clear vinyl and side two has a nice bonus surprise.

The Sneetches

"Sunnyside Down"

(Elefant Records, Spain)

Two stray tracks by San Francisco popsters The Sneetches, the first of which is "Ö and Iím Thinking". Originally released as a b- side on the Bus Stop label in the U.S., this is a pop- rocker in the Turtles / Monkees tradition. This version features a longer ending than the fade out version of the original single. The Sneetches wave their Zombies influence on the flip, the moody ballad "Try to Make It All Work". This is a different take than the more polished version on their "Blow Out The Sun" album with a guitar part taking the place of the electric piano. This version comes across slightly more intimate and ethereal.

The Mystreated

"Sheís Gone"/" Senses Deceiving Me"/" As Time Goes By"

(Twist Records)

The first track on this single "Sheís Gone" kicks off with a guitar note that rings with feed back just like The Beatlesí "I Feel Fine" then proceeds to crank out a riff thatís just as similar. Coming off like a lost Beatles song with a young Dave Davies of the Kinks singing lead, the song features a short but wicked distortion drenched guitar solo. Itís one of those records that I want to start again when its over. "Senses Deceiving Me" is an early Who / Yardbirds type rocker while "As Time Goes By" is a jangly neo- folk rocker sounding like a garage version of The Beau Brummels. These songs are mixed in mono which helps create the authentic sixties sound.

The Solar Flares

"Reflections"/" Open Your Eyes"

(Twist Records)

The a- side is an organ driven pop song with some flanging effects and a stick in your head chorus. Fans of The Orange Alabaster Mushroom will like this. The flip is more hard rocking than the a- side. It even has a riff similar to Led Zeppelinís "Misty Mountain Hop". Pretty cool record.

The Resonars

"Flood Lamp Eyes"/" Sheís In Love With Her"

(Star Time Records)

This is the best Hollies homage Iíve heard since The Posies "Apology". While that song hinted of the Lush "Air That I Breathe" Hollies, This one goes for the vintage 1966 Hollies sound.


These 45ís are available at Circle Sky Records.