Green Pajamas - Narcotic Kisses
Camera Obscura (Australia)

Camera Obscura released an lp of Green Pajamas rarities in a tiny pressing of only 300 (I am happy to say I am the proud owner of said rarity) that sold out instantly. Narcotic Kisses offers a dizzying array of limited and impossible to find songs from the Green Pajamas. I was able to procure a copy for me and my best friend by mere chance from my good friends at Parasol Records! Now you and I or any other Green Pajamas fan can acquire a copy on the shiny silver disc (CD) format, with 6 bonus tracks!!! An "Odds’n’Sods" style selection of rare and unreleased tracks from the highly exclusive vaults of the Green Pajamas. "Narcotic Kisses" seems to have some of the Green Pajamas finest songs. This is wonderful more fans can obtain the following selections: "These are the Best Times" and "Vampire Crush" which were released on a very limited lathe-cut Camera- Obscura 7" single from January 1999. (Of which I am a very proud owner of several copies, some for me and least not my best friend.) "Song for Christina/Nightmare" were given away as an MP3 single- of- the- month; "The 1998 compilation "Serotonin Ronin." The other tracks were previously unreleased goodies. This CD version adds more than 30 minutes – of equal cool-ness and rarity. "Dim Phantoms of an Unknown Ill" only previously appeared with a favorite import fanzine of mine, the Ptolemaic Terrascope, and is a Cohenesque early template for the sound that would later evolve into the greatly received Goblin Market "Deadly Night-shade" which appeared on the Ter- rascope benefit CD Succour." I do indeed own a copy of that very interesting double "sold- out" CD. "If He Should Go Away" is another fine album session outtake from the first on a Chunklet magazine CD only, which I do own a copy of both. "The Night Wind" and "Highgate" are outtakes that were later reworked as Goblin Market "Ghostland" on Camera Obscura #CAM041CD, another must- have in the ever growing Green Pajamas catalog. "Ghostland" is a haunting folk- rock side project by Jeff Kelley front man and longtime friend of the Green Pajamas members, Laura Weller, 14 tracks and 51 minutes of a beautiful color booklet & digi- pak, artwork by Jeff’s artist wife and sometimes rare vocal guest. Last, but certainly not least, another previously unreleased recording, "Perfect Day" made for a film, but not used, and is most certainly a fitting perfect closer on this very must have, sell the family jewels, go out and purchase this timely redux version on CD. This folks is one of my very favorite Green Pajamas efforts to date! More on The Green Pajamas next time: reviews of "This Is Where We Disappear" an album that is cloaked in richly atmospheric psychedelic pop sounds. Drawing from a rich tapestry of styles, the group gives the record a diverse flavor of still conjuring up vivid, imaginative music. Also, soon to come is a review of the band back with true to form finding their own unique place with an album just released on Camera Obscura, "Northern Gothic."