2003 Debut release from Atlanta rockers, What The...? The CD contains 12 original tracks of the classic "Nuggets" type garage rock sound influenced by British invasion. What The...? is Lyle Bufkin (Bass, Lead Vocals), Lee Flier (Guitars, Vocals) and Jim "Spyder" Davis (Drums, Percussion and Vocals).

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2002 Debut release from Snow White Trash. Smokin' hillbilly rock performed in a tongue and cheek trailer trash style. A poke at, while at the same time a lovin' tribute to all things redneck. Snow White Trash is Iggy Tourettes (Drums), Princess Pamela (Vocals), Woolley Cooter (Bass) and R.C. Moonpie (Guitar)

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"Camera Obscura" is the 2002 Sophomore release from Paul Melancon. Melodious, wistful and sometimes brooding. A cross-pollination. of sorts, of Michael Penn, Paul McCartney and Jeff Lynne.

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"Pufferfish" is the first full length CD from Orange Hat. Vocal harmonies that grow out of the speakers like kudzu planted in a long lost era. Catchy melodies that latch on to you like a Brainsquid. Guitars that jangle and crunch. The organ sound that transports you momentarily to another even-numbered decade. Spiced with occasional bizarre noises from a distant furry planet. Slightly odd lyrics about squids, psycho milkmen, people that melt in the sun, mentally unbalanced landlords, girlfriend exorcisms, and overloaded mood rings. Squeeze meets Robyn Hitchcock while jamming with The Beatles and Jellyfish.

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"Until Dawn" is the newest release from underground power pop hero Kenny "Hollywood" Howes. Shades of The Move, The Beatles and Cheap Trick permeate his sound. Possibly his best work yet.

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Echo Forest's "Eleven Ways To Levitate" is trippy instrumental, homemade, psychedelia.

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