The breakthrough follow up to The Shut-Ups eponymous debut has been knocking the critics dead. Leader Don Condescending returns with a full line up, including members of Ceiling Fan, Robotic Storm Cloud, Parks & Empty Spaces and Milli Vanilli (really). The ultimate pop collision of Numan and Newman…or Elvis Costello vs. Sparks. "It Hurt's To Be Seen" is excellent Power Pop with retro 80's keyboard sounds.


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"Nillah's "The Power of Pop" (Shut Eye Records) radio-friendly sound is polished, professional, and pulsing with groovy melodies. Ms. Eickhoff's vocals are breathy and strong...and perfect for this style of guitar-based power pop. Happy, vibrant tunes like "It Hasn't Been My Year," "Deep Ocean Blue," and "Punk Rock City" present a band that obviously believes in the true power of pop... " - Babysue Magazine

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The Kira Memorial Benefit CD is a collection of Atlanta artists who have banded together to help pay the medical expenses incurred during the illness of the much loved Siberian Husky, Kira, belonging to local musician Lee Flier. Casper And The Cookies, Charm School, Kenny Howes, The Indicators, Ken Morton, Orange Hat, The Shut-Ups, Lindsay Smith and What The...? each contributed a track to this set. The majority of these tracks will remain exclusive to this limited edition of 100 collectors item

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The trick to creating a perfect pop confection revolves around getting the mix between sweet and sour just right. Joe Rathbone's songs prove that he has the recipe down pat. Every song on his second solo release, "I Can Hear The Windows of Your Heart Breaking", displays a level of songwriting savvy usually associated with contemporary masters like Elvis Costello or Nick Lowe. Rathbone's songs are both fresh and familiar, groundbreaking yet classic.  -  Vintage Guitar

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The Seventh Ring of Saturn is; Ted Selke - bass, vocals, guitar, percussion; Jeremy Knauff - guitar, analog synth, vocals, percussion; Jamie Reilly - drums, percussion, trombone. In the fall of 2005, musician/astronaut Ted Selke ("Mr. Crowe's Garden", "Joybang!") departed from Earth on a mission to investigate the mysteries of interplanetary sounds and their effect on the musical form commonly known as "psychedelic rock". Accompanying him on the mission were fellow space travelers Jeremy Knauff ("Tryptamine Breakfast") and Jamie Reilly ("Moonplastic", "The Tao of Xerxes"). Taking up residence at a space station just outside of the seventh ring of Saturn, the group used sophisticated technical equipment to measure soundwaves and to create their own otherworldly sounds. In February of 2007, Nusrat Records released a document of their findings: a recording of the sounds they had experienced called "The Seventh Ring of Saturn". The long period spent away from Earth left them disoriented and unable to cope with the day to day Earthling experience, still the team was occasionally spotted displaying their craft along with like-minded travelers such as "Six Organs of Admittance" and "Green Milk from the Planet Orange". As they have begun to acclimate to their current surroundings, they are expected to begin traveling Earth soon in order to demonstrate some of the sounds and teach people about their findings. Plans are already underway for a return to space early next year with a new document to follow shortly thereafter.

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